Thursday, September 24, 2009

Architectural Style

I watched a Documentary today called "Visual Acoustics" about Julius Shulman and his work as an Architectural photographer. The film was excellently done and very motivating to watch. Anyone that knows or has seen the work of Julius Shulman can tell that the man was a creative genius with an eye for capture the story within each piece of architecture that he photographed.

I decided to take a little bit of time today, before a casting call I was needed at, to do some shooting of architecture and studying the lines and spaces of the areas around me. I tried to search for the best angles, where the leading lines would interesting and attention drawing.


I was able to shoot for about 25 minutes until a security guard became unhappy of my presence and decided that my practice time was done. However, it was just enough time to get a handful of good photos.


Bus Ticket

4th Floor Elevator

I'm going to be focusing on getting more architectural photo practice for awhile to expand my talents.

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