Thursday, May 28, 2009

Think of the Product

The other day I went out with my model friends to get some photo practice and work on various techniques. One of the things we worked on was the idea of selling a product. Fashion and advertising photography is not all about taking a pretty picture. The photo has to serve the purpose of making the viewer want or at least think about the product that is being displayed.

More Bars in More Places!

You have to first establish a mood that will best portray the product or lead to the product. Then you have to think of ways to bring out that mood in the character, surroundings, and photo style; establishing a common idea and theme for the photo and why one would want or need the product.

What to Wear in a Breeze

You don't have to be right in peoples faces with it, the best way to display your product is to incorporate it into the world around it.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Prime Lens

I tried out my new 50mm Prime lens the other night when I had some free time on a film shoot. We were in a dark alley that I had lit with two 800watt Kobold HMI's through a 6 by 6 Silk frame. I asked one of the actresses, when she had a spare moment, to come stand in front of the light and model for a few pictures so I could try out my new lens. I only had a few minutes so I gave a few instructions and went to snapping!

Dark Attraction

I was very happy with the results. The biggest plus to using a prime lens is the speed. Since there is lens glass in a prime lens versus a zoom lens, the lens is able to work at faster F-stops. This allows for two major pluses. First, you can shoot with a faster F-stop at a Slower ISO giving you more depth of field and secondly, you are able to shoot in lower light situations.

Reaching for shadows

I highly recommend investing in a prime lens if you have not yet. I'm very happy with mine thus far and I'm looking forward to getting plenty of use out of my new lens in the future!