Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shooting In The Basement

Originally I was going to take my model friend and go shoot outside at an outdoor concert amphitheater yesterday, however, upon checking the weather a few days prior I found that we would be in the midst of a winter storm where we could get up to 2 feet of snow that day. Slightly frustrated with the fact we would see so much snow in the middle of April, I decided to come up with another plan.

Staying inside

We ended up shooting at a friends house with just a couple lights in his basement. All and all it made for an interesting shoot! We came up with some unique make up ideas and themes by just looking through what we had available and where in the basement we had room enough to shoot.


It really is amazing how many different feels you can get in a basement! I talked with the model a lot and bounced around ideas to keep pushing for different feels, which she was able to pull of beautifully! We had a small crew built up of friends and we kept to a very casual shooting schedule which made for a very comfortable shooting environment open to creative ideas. While it may not of worked for some bigger more strict themed shoots, it made for a great way to kill some time on a snow day, get some more practice, and take some great photos!



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