Friday, April 24, 2009

Cross Processing


I went to the film store a few weeks back looking for some fun film to play with. I ended up buying some 35mm vivid saturation Slide film which film takes a positive image instead of a negative image. I then decided to develop the pictures using "cross process". Slide film uses a different development process then normal color negative film, instead of developing the slide film with its process, I had it developed using a "cross process" in the normal color negative development process.


This was the first time I had developed cross process and I noticed some very interesting and unique effects. By looking through the photos it is easy to see that cross processing throws the image in the green direction and picks up greens really well.I was aware of this green before shooting however I was surprised to see that it also raises the contrast of the image, bringing a strong distance between the whites and blacks.


Another really interesting, and not very desirable, effect I found was bleeding in the deep blacks.In the dark shadows and areas in the image where there is deep blacks the image has a purple bleed, however, this is not consistent through all the pictures. It seems to be only on images where a shadow is moving, or there was a slight blur. This something I'll have to pay more attention too in the future.

Purple Bleed

Next film roll I'm shooting is expired!


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