Monday, September 29, 2008

Magic Hour

We arrived on our film set last week late in the afternoon as the sun was begining to set. The setting of the sun gave off a warm bright light, which we wanted to mimic for our shoot.

The sun shining on our set

Since we were shooting out doors with tungsten lights, which give off a warm colored light when used outside, we had just what we needed to create the effect. We set up our key light at the same angle and direction as the sun, to punch up the light on the subject. Then we used a smaller light to bring exposure to the grill itself. After those lights were placed we put up a fill with full CTB, to balance the tungsten light to day light temperature, and a smaller light with diffusion to bring soft light to the subject's face.

Our lighting setup

This lighting brought the scene the warm, early evening feeling we were going for. I enjoy using "magic hour" type lighting for my scenes because it brings more character to the shots then just broad ambient light. Warm, magic hour style lighting also brings about a feeling of comfort which can connect the audience to the character better.

Joe grilling


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