Monday, October 13, 2008


I've been seeing more and more LED (Light emitting diode) Lights recently. Their small size and efficient output are making them very popular in flash lights, decorational lighting, and even film production.

There are many advantages for using LED lights on film productions.The first advantage is the fact that LEDs have a very efficient output.A large LED light panel can run off of very little energy.LED lights burn at a tempurature of 5600K, the color tempurature of daylight, making them sutable to use with HMIs and in outdoor lighting situations. LED lights are also very long lasting and durable, which is a big advantage over HMI's and Tungsten lights.

One of the disadvantages to using LED lights is they produce a soft light. This soft light can be hard to control and only appropriate for certain situations. However, given the right circumstances an LED can be the perfect light to have on set.

My small LED flashlight


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